moving van uhaul in front of house during home improvement project

When to Move & When to Start a Home Improvement Project

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When you’ve called your house home for a long time but have start to outgrow it - it can be hard to say goodbye. You ask yourself, should we put it up for sale and upgrade with a new build home? Or do we start a home improvement project and…
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Quick & Easy Ways to Save on Your Home Energy Bill

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Winter in Alberta can be magical. There’s ice skating, warm nights by the fire, sledding with the kids - and much more. Unfortunately, we all know there are drawbacks to our long, chilly and ‘magical’ winter months. One being, the spike…

Homestead’s Smart Home Holiday Gift Guide

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The future of home improvement is smart. A lot of us have a list of devices that we would love to add to our home but often hold back. We talk ourselves out of them because they may seem impractical, expensive or extravagant. However, it’s…
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Pinterest-Worthy Home Improvement Tips (For Both Practical & Extravagant Projects)

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The most-searched category on Pinterest is ‘Home’ and ‘For the Home’ is the number one most used Pinterest board name. People are looking and there certainly is no shortage of home improvement tips and renovation ideas on the internet.…
window above sink with maple wood cabinets and drawers in kitchen with grey granite countertops and real wood cabinets interior kitchen renovations red deer

4 Custom Cabinet Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

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One of the biggest trends in home renovations and custom home builds are huge, open kitchens. As experienced custom carpenters, we want to debunk a kitchen remodel myth. You don't need a massive space to create a functional and beautiful kitchen…