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Is anyone else in complete disbelief that it’s already August?! It never ceases to amaze us how fast our short summer months fly by here in Red Deer, Alberta. If you haven’t already started that outdoor renovation project or little garden job — don’t worry! It’s not too late to add those finishing touches to your garden or backyard. There is still a lot of summer left to enjoy it. You might feel like taking your garden to the next level requires too much effort for how late it is in the season. But trust us, when you get outside to enjoy it or entertain guests, it’s so worth it. Here are our top outdoor garden decor ideas (minimum effort required) to get you inspired to enhance your yard!

  • Add a Garden Water Feature

    There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of running water. With a small, simple pond or an elaborate fountain, you, your family and any guests will love sitting out in your yard turned spa-like oasis.

  • Add a Play Area

    Not all of us can afford an infinity pool or a custom outdoor fireplace. Sometimes adding toys and features that entertain the kids is the equivalent to a little slice of paradise for parents. You get the kids off of technology and playing in the fresh air, and it allows you to play outside with them as well. Consider buying a plastic pool, water table or little jungle gym to keep the kiddos entertained and give you a little peace and quiet.

  • Add a Picnic Table

    family enjoying an afresco dinner in their backyard on a picnic tableYou don’t always need a full outdoor dining set to enjoy an alfresco meal. Your outdoor table can be as simple as rustic wooden planks hammered together with benches to sit on! If you are planning to have guests over for a beautiful outdoor dinner, you can easily elevate your picnic table with a table runner, some greenery and candles. The trends towards more relaxed and boho picnic-style dining is in your favour!


  • Add a Pergola

    Adding a pergola to your garden is a great way to create shade and aesthetic appeal. This simple addition also gives you a lot more garden decor options, like stringing lights, hanging flowers or putting up curtains for a semi-enclosed outdoor room.

  • Add Smart Technology

    Modern technology can be a gamechanger for your backyard. Now, for your outdoor gatherings, you can buy Bluetooth speakers that can blend into the landscape that can be controlled from your smartphone. Also, if you install smart LED lights in your garden, you can customize your outdoor lighting through your mobile device!

  • Add a Hammock

    A hammock is the best feature you could add to your garden to truly relax and enjoy the last of summer. You can buy one online and string it between two trees, or a pergola if you have one — or look for a freestanding one instead!



Autumn is fast approaching. But, that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel and leave your garden or backyard project until next year. If you add one of the garden decor ideas to your yard, we’re sure it’ll enhance the last few weeks you have to enjoy it — until next year. Get outside and enjoy that sunshine!


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