Client Care: Frequently Asked Questions

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For every custom home, renovation, or commercial project we embark on, we want to make sure that our clients’ satisfaction are put first. Our clients receive high quality service for a stress-free experience. The Homestead Spirit is one that remains transparent throughout the renovation process. We know and believe that with a improved understanding of our client’s thoughts and project reviews, that we will continue to improve our workflow, systems, and overall client’s experience. Your feedback is important to us and encourage you to share it with us online or directly to our project management team.


Q: How can I get my project featured on ?
A: During your project and after completion our team will take professional photos to feature your project online and in our marketing material.

Q: How often are my budgets updated?
A: Transparency and keeping clients informed is extremely important to us. Because of this, we update our budgets every week so  – that way, our clients are always seeing the most up to date budgets possible.

Q: What if I want to change something about my project halfway through?
A: If for some reason, you have a new renovation idea or would rather another look, we are flexible and will work with you on an alternative, depending on the circumstances of the project timeline and what has been completed.

Q: How do you guarantee the work completed?
A: We are proud of our reputation for quality workmanship. Alongside the manufacturer’s warranty on products we offer, we back our work with a guarantee against all product and installation defects for our own work and that of our sub-trades. We seek to avoid the necessity of call-backs wherever possible

Q: How do you handle cost overruns?
A: Typically, a reserve budget is set aside to handle unplanned contingencies alongside the budget. Proper planning and accurate projections are important from the beginning to schedule scope and scheduled baselines.

Q: What does Homestead do to minimize stress during the project?
A: Life is messy, and we understand the importance of reducing the stress that comes with a renovation. Our Red Deer home renovation team is polite and professional with your home, family, and schedule.

Q: Why do I get so many emails?
A: We pride ourselves in helping our clients become educated about their renovation and construction. In addition to regular communication we send out educational emails about the benefits and challenges of renovating and custom home building. In construction, we also send daily emails to the client letting them know what their Project Manager did on their project that day. All emails have an opt out option – please contact your Project Manager if you have any questions.

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