Deck Renovations

If you’ve lived in Alberta for any length of time, you probably want to enjoy every minute of warm weather possible! What better way to do so than from the luxury of your own unique deck or patio, in the privacy of your own backyard?

Here at Homestead, we specialize in providing quality workmanship, expert knowledge and service, and attention to detail to provide you with your own exclusive masterpiece. Expect to enjoy not only the process, but the finished product!


Whether you are seeking to build new, or renovate an existing deck or patio, we always follow best building practice, and will work with you on a design to meet your needs and desires. Here are a few of the decking types that we frequently work with in Red Deer and Central Alberta homes.

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Pressure Treated (The Economic Option) Deck Renovation


  • By far, the most common and affordable type of decking – as many as 75% of new decks are finished with Pressure Treated (PT) lumber
  • PT lumber is typically cut from Spruce, Pine, or Fir and has been treated with chemicals to resist rot, fungus, and wood-boring insects
  • Because of its high moisture content, PT lumber has the tendency to split and warp over time. Pressure treated decks also require regular maintenance to maintain their look, such as pressure washing and application of stain or wood preservative every 2-3 years
  • Lifespan varies according to the environment and maintenance, but is typically 10-15 years or longer

Cedar (For the Natural Wood Lover)  Deck Renovation

  • Cedar is known for its beautiful colors, distinctive aroma, and excellent natural weatherability and rot resistance
  • While not as cheap as Pressure Treated, cedar offers a great option for those wishing to avoid the chemicals of treated lumber and still maintain a natural look to their decks
  • Like all wood decks, cedar requires maintenance to keep up its appearance, including annual pressure washing and restaining or sealing every 3-4 years
  • Lifespan varies according to environment and maintenance, but is typically 15 years or longer

Composite (The Low/No Maintenance Option) Deck Renovation

  • Composite decking is a mixture of wood fibre, plastic, and a bonding agent used to form high-density, pre-manufactured deckboards
  • Composite decks offer a durable, easily cleanable, almost zero-maintenance option available in a variety of colours and patterns
  • With the advent of hidden fasteners, such as the Trex Hideaway System®, composite decks provide a clean, elegant option, free of visible nailing or screws
  • Lifespan varies according to environment, but typically 25-30 years or longer

Vinyl Membrane (The Waterproof Option) Deck Renovation

  • Vinyl Membrane decks consist of a layer of vinyl membrane applied over untreated plywood sheathing
  • Easily cleaned, virtually zero maintenance, tough, completely waterproof, and free of perforations
  • Vinyl covered decks include the added benefit of creating additional dry, usable living space underneath, making them ideal for raised or walk-out decks and patios
  • Lifespan varies according to environment, but typically 10-15 years or longer