Commercial Renovations

Homestead Custom Carpentry is a Red Deer home builder that takes on projects of all kinds, both residential and commercial renovations. If you’re looking to renovate your existing office space or are planning construction in a new location, you’ve arrived at the right place. Our experienced team and design specialists will be happy to discuss and come up with options to meet your needs and desires.

Homestead doesn’t take any of its projects lightly, especially commercial renovations. These are involved, demanding and require us to complete them correctly by optimizing space, improve the employee experience, and to consider your company. See our yoga studio commercial renovation in Stettler, Alberta.

Next-Level Commercial Renovations in Red Deer

1. Optimized Spaces

The renovation of a commercial interior, at the most basic level, encourages a more efficient use of space in addition to all its associated benefits and advantages. At first thought, our clients might assume this refers to a larger space, but in many cases an older space utilizes its allotted square footage quite efficiently. However, in the case of a new lease, the space’s layout may not be optimal for everyday practical use; non-load-bearing walls may be restricting visibility and movement, offices may prove too small to be truly useful, entranceways may end up not making sense and meeting rooms may be positioned in nonsensical locations.

We make sure spaces are optimized or repurposed for the use of a space, borrowing space from another space or combining rooms.

2. Better Employee Experiences

It’s extremely difficult to put a price tag on employee happiness, efficiency, enhanced culture and performance. We renovate your current commercial space to improve both office productivity and efficiency, however the actual appearance of the space can be pivotal in your guest’s first impressions of your establishment, be it a department store, office or dine-in restaurant.

Newly renovated and up-to-date facilities are instrumental in improving the employee experience, creativity and ability to complete their work in a pleasant, spacious, and properly-optimized space.

3. Stronger Company Image

Your space is as much the face of your business as your employees and external communications. Ensuring a modern, cohesive space to the brand you’re trying to convey impacts your image positively, whereas leaving an outdated retail, office or restaurant space can impact your reputation poorly. High-traffic spaces with new customers each day can suffer from poorly optimized spaces, aging infrastructure, poor past contractor work and many more issues.

We want to help renovate your space to breathe life back into your commercial interior, heightening guest experiences, and enhancing your company image of quality.