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We really don’t like to brag, but if you want to read about the types of awards given out to home builders, the Red Deer Advocate honoured these Red Deer home builders

Improve Your Outdoor Look | 4 Ideas for Your Patio or Deck
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Improve Your Outdoor Look: 4 Ideas for Your Patio or Deck

From BBQing and sharing laughs with friends to making smores and stargazing with family, your patio or deck is an integral part of your home. If designed and built thoughtfully, backyards, decks and patios can be places defined by fun, community…
Curved Stairs: Add Value To Your Home | Homestead Custom Carpentry

Curved Stairs: Add Eye-Catching Value To Your Home

Curved Stairs: Add Eye-Catching Value To Your Home By Mike Wark If you’re looking to add some unique flavour to your home or deck, adding a set of curved stairs will bring some serious elegance and style to your next home renovation…
church auditorium commercial enovation

LivingStones Church Renovation

Living Stones Church Renovation LIVING STONES: 8 WEEKS LATER Over a span of 8 weeks, Homestead has had the incredible opportunity to take on a major church renovation at LivingStones Church in Red Deer. Besides being a great project…
Commercial Renovation - A Yoga Studio - Homestead Custom Carpentry

Commercial Renovation - A Yoga Studio

Commercial Renovation - A Yoga Studio Breathing New Life Into a Yoga Studio One of my favourite things about commercial renovations is the variety of projects and people that I get to work with on a daily basis. Given the wide scope of work…
Volunteer Experience : Habitat For Humanity | Homestead Team

Habitat For Humanity: A Volunteer Experience

Habitat For Humanity: A Volunteer Experience When our Homestead Custom Carpentry team heard about the opportunity to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Red Deer team, we were thrilled and immediately wanted to get involved. We have always…
Commercial Building Renovations for Financial | Homestead Custom Carpentry
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A Red Deer Carpenter's Story

A Red Deer Carpenter Story I remember very clearly when I first began learning carpentry, and started the journey it would take me on in the years to come. I had just graduated from university, was recently married and new to the area, and…