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Do you have big-deck dreams but small-deck constraints? No problem. You can still have an inviting outdoor dining and lounging area – no matter the size of your deck. It just takes an extra dose of creativity with your design and deck construction. Ready to transform you small deck into an alfresco dining oasis? Here are our top small deck design ideas to rethink your square footage and make the best use of the space you have.


1. Optimize Your Deck Construction & Design

If you’re building an entirely new deck, pick a shape that gives you a lot of options for how you use the space. Rectangular decks are really popular and are easy to separate into sections for outdoor dining and lounging. 

If you’re revamping an existing deck, consider how you can adjust the layout to improve the flow. Try to make the deck design more efficient by fitting large items like cooking equipment or furniture into corners. If you’re looking to upgrade your deck without investing in completely new deck construction, consider investing in built-in seating, like an outdoor sectional. 


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2. Pick the Right Outdoor Furniture

When space is at a premium, you don’t want to dominate your deck with oversized furniture. Large furniture, or too much small furniture, will make your deck feel cluttered and smaller than it actually is. Instead, choose furniture that suits the space and still leaves enough room for you to comfortably walk through.

We have one more tip when it comes to outdoor furniture, try to find furniture that has multiple design options. For example, an outdoor table that can extend if you are having company and need to seat more people. This gives you the opportunity to accommodate more guests without sacrificing the space you have daily. 


3. Free Up Floor Space

One way to make the most of a small space is to avoid putting as much on the ground as possible. Luckily, when it comes to outdoor areas, there are so many hanging design elements that you can choose from.

Rather than putting large potted plants on your deck, hang them overhead. You can also hang lanterns and lights to add more to the design without taking away any extra wiggle room!


4. Create an Indoor-Outdoor Flow

A great way to instantly make your deck feel larger than it is is to create a natural flow between the deck and the room inside that it connects to. If you use this deck design idea, you can leave the door between the deck and the indoor room open and your deck becomes an extension of whatever is going on inside. This is particularly great if you love entertaining and want people to naturally move in and out of your home to make the most of the limited space.


5. Add Touches of Your Style

This tip is great because it can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like. For example, adding an outdoor rug is an easy way to give a small deck design some style without crowding the area or adding clutter. You could also add interest to the walls around your deck with vines, arbour or even wall hangings. This is your opportunity to show off your tastes and get creative!


Just because you have a small deck, doesn’t mean it can’t be a beautiful and functional space. With some creative small deck design ideas and a few simple touches of your unique style, you can make a little space go a long way!



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